Concentric Wealth Management in Cincinnati

Significant financial decisions require specific financial knowledge. Concentric Wealth Managers in Cincinnati offer custom-tailored advice for your business and personal financial needs. As trusted advisors, they use their experience and knowledge to help manage the complexity of money.

This comprehensive knowledge allows our team of Wealth Managers in Cincinnati to create a portfolio which accounts for both the risk and growth opportunities of your business. Known as AIM (Asset and Income Management), our Wealth Managers’ goal is to create a growing asset outside of your business, while at the same time negating some of the inherent risk in owning your own business.

We specialize in managing the wealth of high net worth individuals in the Cincinnati area, as well as Kentucky, Indiana and Tennessee. Because the experts at Concentric Wealth Management are located in Cincinnati, you will get the in-person, focused service you deserve while still getting the same professional knowledge and expertise that you would get from a Wall Street Bank or international firm. Our team is particularly knowledgeable about the companies and investment opportunities in this area, and will assist you as you plan for your future.  We currently work with many Cintas, GE, Proctor & Gamble employees and retirees, and we would love to meet with you and discover your specific needs and see if we can help you achieve financial success. .

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