Our AIM Process

AIM: Asset + Income Management

The goal for Concentric Wealth Managers is to create a growing asset outside of your business, while at the same time negating some of the inherent risks of owning your own business.

The comprehensive knowledge of you, your business and your goals allow Concentric Wealth Managers to create a portfolio which balances both the risk and growth opportunities of your business.

There are three critical stages to Concentric’s AIM process.

Wealth Creation

The income from a business, career or other investments. Wealth Creation is the fuel that powers your financial ship.

  • Business Planning: Your business is your largest asset. You know everything about your business. From our experience, entrepreneurs need help maximizing their businesses’ monetary value through a successful exit. Entrepreneur’s need an exit plan: Pass it on to the next generation? Sell it to current employees? Sell to an outside buyer?
  • Investments: An investment portfolio is an opportunity to diversify assets outside of your business. A successful portfolio gives you the opportunity to balance the risk of owning a business and provide stability to your complete financial picture.
  • Tax Planning: A dollar saved is a dollar earned. As you create wealth, our tax specialist can help you preserve it by minimizing your tax liability.

Wealth Management

Managing the income producing assets you have created by fitting them together into a cohesive plan to pursue your financial goals. Wealth Management is the steering wheel that guides your ship.

    • Banking: Our clients have a full range of borrowing alternatives. We can provide mortgages, home equity lines of credit, and business lines of credit. Let our wealth managers work on what best fits your needs.
    • Business Valuation: Our business advisors will value your business for a buy-sell agreement, for gift/estate planning purposes or to provide a benchmark for future growth. In addition, our business advisors can tell you if your business needs a business evaluation rather than a business valuation.
    • Investments: Our investment process is designed to result in portfolios with the highest return relative to risk and that adhere to an absolute return orientation. Our clients have access to a select group of high-quality asset managers that have been extensively screened and are carefully chosen and monitored.

Comprehensive Planning:

    Our planning process offers our clients an easy, effective way to identify their highest-priority goals and develop an investment plan designed to provide them with the wealth they need to live the life the way they want even after they retire.

Wealth Transfer

Your ship has come in. Your Assets and Income are being successfully managed and now it is time to entrust them to the next generation.

  • Gifting Strategies: As part of your wealth management strategy, we can help you develop and achieve goals reflecting your philanthropic interests, the needs of the future generations of your family and charitable giving.
  • Estate Planning: Concentric can assist in planning your estate in the most tax efficient way possible. In addition, Concentric will review your will and trust documents to ensure they are up to date with the current changes in estate tax law.
  • Execution: Concentric can act as your private office; handling any aspect of your finances from bill paying to negotiating the acquisition of your vacation home.